IAHCP History





1.     EVENTS FROM 1945 TO 1950




AftethSecond World War fro1945, many communitiein Europe and otheparts of the World are rebuildintheieconomies anprofessionalbodies.   This was the same for the formation of the InternationalAssociation of Health CarProfessional(IAHCP), when manhealthcareprofessionals are tryinto find ways of improvintheiprofessionalstandings annetworking opportunities.




As was the case above, the origins of thInternational Association ofHealth CarProfessional(IAHCPdatbact1945 whenthroughout Europe and otheparts of the World, medical societiebegan tbe founded witthe object of bringintogethephysicians ansurgeonin ordeto furthescientificprofessional ansocial communicationMost of the Colleges, Societies anAssociationithe World are formed for single  disciplinefor examplePhysicians, Surgeons, Nurses,  andTherapists.  Howeverthere ino one association for multiprofesional Health  Care  Professionals  and  the  need  for  such  association  wasechoeby various multidisciplinary health care workers Worldwidduring various meetinganconferences fro194t1950.




2.     FROM 1950 TO 1956




Fro195t1954, various discussions, correspondences and official letters were exchanged amongst healthcare professionals across various continents, EuropethAmericas, Australia and NeZealand for the formation a common association, which wilcater for thneeds of allhealthcare professionals anthe communitiethey serve worldwide.




In 1955, a group of healthcare professionalleby Dr StefaBorg ofSwedebegan some consultationwith colleagues acrosAmerica andAustralia for the formation of a multidisciplinary association ofhealthcare professionals where healthcare workers wilinteract witthemaiaim of promotinpatiencare and education worldwide.





3.     FROM 1956 TO 1957




In 1956 a workinpartleby Dr Borg was initiated, who met iJune and October 195iStockholm, Swedetdiscuss the aims and objectives of thneAssociation.  Thgroup’s recommendations were circulated amonthinteresteprofessionals worldwide anit was agreethat the first annual meeting of thAssociation wilbhelinMay 195iStockholm, Sweden.




Durinthe meeting of May 1957, Dr FranciButler of the USA waselectethe first General President of thAssociation (fro195to

1965) an11 CounciMembers were also elected.




The first CounciMembers fro195havincludeDJan Holm(Sweden)Dr Maria Jose Ronald(Portugal)DJoseph Marti(USA), Dr  Andrea  Forget  (France),  Mr  Paul Lopez  (Spain),  Dr  PhilliStevens  (Australia),  Dr  Paul  Murray  (New  Zealand),  Dr  AnthonPhelps(USA),   Dr Jan Larso(Denmark), Dr MartiMagnusson (IcelandanDrJames Bel(Canada).




In October 1957thBLaws of thIAHCP was approvebthe Council, whicgoverns althactivities of thAssociation worldwide. For details of the By Laws, please visit the link at: Forhttps://www.iahcp.org.uk/operational-services/iahcp-by-laws/




Other foundinMembers of thIAHCP included Dr MartiPeters(Australia), one of the first two of Honorary Secretaries, Dr HaroldJamieson (Canada)the firsTreasurer, and Dr Allan Day (NeZealand), seconTreasurer anthe first IAHCP InternationaAmbassador.



4.     FROM 1957 TO DATE




From  1957  to  date  th IAHCP  has  expanded  and  developed  its operationimany countries with over 45000individual, an250,000 corporate members worldwide as at February 2017.  ThAHCP continuestexpanits regional offices internationally







More information abouthIAHCP can be obtained froour Website at  www.iahcp.org.uk .   Alternatively you can contact at our Corporate and Legal Services atlegal@iahcp.org.uk   



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