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Exceptional Candidate of the Year Award 2016: Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin, Winner of the 2016 Exceptional Candidate of the Year Award.


Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin was named the IAHCP Education Academy Exceptional Candidate of the year for the 7th consecutive year.  The IAHCP Council and Committee panel selected Miss Kingsley-Godwin for the award after high quality competitions involving other candidates at the Centre.


Maria Jana joined our special educational programme in 2008 as a  gifted and talented pupil.  She has achieved high level education since then and had progressed immensely in her academic work, including and other social activities at our centre and at other institution she attends. 


Maria was the youngest candidate in our centre to achieve high level at GCSE and A level subjects.  She is the youngest candidate in our Applied Sciences in Health Care Course at the age of 10, where she had been working with other candidates who are over 18 years of age.  She was top of that class and finished the Higher Diploma level 5 course in July 2015.


Again Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin, at the age of 12 had achieved straight distinctions in the recent assessments in the Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree Level 7 equivalent course, in Medicine and Healthcare Studies in July 2016.


Maria Jana was also a young student,  undertaking the BSc (Hons) Degree in Natural Sciences at the Open University, UK.  She had also achieved good grades in her assessments at the University.


Maria Jana is continuing her studies in Medicine.  She is a competent researcher and medical writer.  She has published many books, articles and presented her research projects at various international medical conferences.



In accepting her award from Dr Julie Burns, the IAHCP Education Academy Registrar, Maria Jana said ‘I am very honoured to receive this award for the 7th time.  I have continued to enjoy my studies at the Centre since 2008, and I am very motivated, and I have the continued enthusiasm to achieve more in the areas of medicine and healthcare studies.  I particularly enjoyed undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree Level 7 Programme in Medicine and Healthcare, as it helped me in my medical research projects and publications.  in the future’.



 Dr Julie Burns described Maria Jana as a genius, and stated that ‘young extremely gifted, and exceptional students like Maria Jana are very unique and hard to find nowadays’.  Dr Burns also commented that ‘Maria Jana is an inspiration to young people around the World for her great achievements, motivation and enthusiasm for learning’.


 Maria Jana hopes to continue her university course in medicine.  She also said that she will continue to write and publish the 6th editions of her books in medicine and healthcare issues.


Once again, many congratulations to Maria Jana Kingsley-Godwin!


For more information on the work of Maria Jana, please visit her Website at .


Mrs Mary Martin

Head of English and Manager of Exceptional Education Section


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