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AHCP Education Academy Centre is one of the membership services of the Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP), www.ahcp.org.uk in promoting excellence in patient care and education in various communities.   As a result, the AHCP Education Academy Centre is geared towards helping gifted and talented people in the study centre to achieve their full potentials by motivating and supporting their educational needs and activities in a diverse teaching and learning atmosphere.  


Apart from being a membership service for the AHCP, the education centre also accommodates gifted and talented people referred to it from various communities and organisations. People can participate in the study programmes irrespective of their chronological age at school, provided that their share the same abilities and interests like older participants in the programmes.


In AHCP Education Academy Centre , learning is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. Therefore we use modern teaching methods to suit the individual learning needs and styles of the participants and to build teamwork and a sense of social responsibility.  Our facilities are well-equipped, enabling the use of different teaching approaches to suit various learning styles of individuals. We believe that it's vital to provide individual support for every participant regardless of their chronological age groups in schools and other educational establishment.


We particularly welcome gifted and talented people, who can benefit from our diverse educational activities, which enable them to work in their own pace.  Our participants do enjoy the teaching and learning in small groups, thereby showcasing their abilities and skills with good challenges and stimulation.


At the AHCP we adopt the Result-Oriented Teaching approach to education, which we found works for many of our programmes participants, at it follows the holistic way to teaching and learning.




Our Philosophy

  • we encourage our participants to develop their social skills and give them room for personal and professional development.
  • we encourage our participants to strive towards meaningful goals and support them as they solve the problems they encounter so that they gain increased levels of autonomy and confidence
  • our philosophy is applied to all levels of our teaching plan. Participants are encouraged to get involved in designing the way that they are taught, and to be competent self-directed learners with excellent problem solving skills.
  • in short, we encourage our participants to develop their own personality and to discover their own individual paths towards adulthood, and chosen professions.



Our Education Academy Centre's main strengths lie in:

  • encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching and learning methods
  • creating a supportive and dynamic environment
  • nurturing constructive relationships with members
  • academic learning through projects and other activities
  • holding various events, courses and conferences in our centre, nationally and internationally in promoting excellence in education, which is one of our main objectives.
  • cooperating and collaborating with other organisations, agencies and educational services in achieving diverse aims and purposes.





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