Postgraduate Education

We offer a range of postgraduate courses in medicine and health care studies, including postgraduate diplomas and advanced higher professionals development qualifications in medicine.  For more details, please contact education@iahcp.org.uk    

Library Services

The Library Services section of the IAHCP Academy is the primary gateway to information about all of the library's services. Service conditions may differ among individual units of the Library. For more information, please contact library@iahcp.org.uk

Undergraduate Education

We offer a range of undergraduate courses in medicine and health care studies, including in applied sciences.  For more details, please contact education@iahcp.org.uk    

General Eucation

We offer a wide range of subjects at both General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level ( A’ Levels).  We also offer language courses and other programmes, including exceptional education for very gifted and talented people in the community as part of our membership services.  For more information, please contact: education@iahcp.org.uk


The International Association of Health Care Professional (IAHCP) Education Academy is one of the membership services of the IAHCP – www.iahcp.org.uk , which has a long history since the 1940s and was fully established in 1957, for promoting excellence in medical practice, research and education globally. 


The AHCP Education Academy also has a long history and tradition as part of the international community, and membership service in promoting excellence in education through various teaching and learning processes and programmes, including courses and conferences.


The Centre offers general education for members and their families, including courses in medical  and healthcare education for members and healthcare professionals, applied sciences in healthcare for professionals and researchers, and community exceptional education for gifted and talented people of all ages.


Many of the parents of today's participants are members of the IAHCP, who also participated in educational and scientific programmes of the Association, and they think so highly of it that they are proud that their children study with us.


Our programmes are also available to the members of the community who are gifted and talented, and are referred to us by various individuals and groups.


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Our team uses a variety of teaching methods to make learning fun, and enjoyable. We try hard to foster a dynamic academic environment in which people feel very comfortable so that they can study most effectively, irrespective of their chronological age at schools, and other educational establishments.


We can also assist our participants to enter for national and international qualifications like GCSE, A Levels and other qualifications by helping them and providing resources for them to register for exams with various exam boards, national and international bodies.  We also work in collaboration with other educational providers and organisations in helping our participants to register and sit different examinations throughout the year.


Our flexible opening times throughout the year make our programmes particularly appealing to many participants nationally and internationally.   We also organise summer school, and we are open during school holidays in order  to allow many people to attend our various programmes, and benefit from a high standard teaching and learning methods.


Check out our subject teams, study groups and centre education facilities. For more information about our programmes, please contact us at:  info@ahcp.org.uk .  Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below and we will get back to you. 


For more information, please contact our Centre Administrator at: enquiries@ahcp.org.uk


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